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Website Services 

Where does a website fit in to your overall objectives?  Any website is a component of an internet marketing strategy which in turn needs to fit into your overall sales, marketing, communications or brand reputation plans.  Typically a business’ website is an important part of all of these, but it is always essential that the website and its associated services blend well with other activities of the business and vice versa.

Marketing your website as widely as possible to a relevant audience is just as important as the content, look and functionality of your website.   There are many items associated in developing the right site and getting the right audience visiting it time and again.  To that end, Platform Web offers the following website services to our clientele in Limerick and beyond at prices which we believe are really great value:

Domain registration;
Hosting (website and e-mail);
Website Design;
Website Development;
Content Management System;
Search Engine Optimisation;
Social Media Development and Optimisation;
Development of your Internet Marketing Plan;
Integration of your internet activities with overall marketing;
Statistical analysis;
Online Surveys

Whether formally or informally, you will have to at least think about and consider most of the above ingredients.  Beyond that Platform Web can assist you with the following additional services if and when required:

Multiple website strategy development;
Online Transactions & Ecommerce;

If you are fed up with not being able to administer your own site, or need a new site, Platform Web can help.  E-mail David here, or call 086 8241572 for an initial no obligations discussion.  We are flexible with special payment plan options to assist clients in the prevailing challenging economic climate.