Search Engine Marketing

Platformweb is a trusted Digital Search Engine Marketing company based in Co Limerick. We work with local businesses and help them to get the most potential from their websites and digital sales.

A lot of Limerick businesses are still missing the huge potential the digital age can bring to their current customer bases. Search Engine Marketing should be part of your annual marketing budget. A lot of businesses are also limiting themselves to only google adwords for new customers from online media when now the social networks allow you to pinpoint your specific target market and increase your market share.

When working with new customers we are very focused on getting them a quickly recognizable return on their investment in our services. Mixing Search Engine Marketing and Social Marketing will do this. We will look at your current efforts and add new methods or improve on your current online activities.

When we win new business we tend to keep 90% of our customers. So this proves that we truly are making our customers money. If your business is one that would not fit in with our range of digital marketing services we would not take you on as a client as we are all about making our clients money.

We are not a copy that try’s things out we execute data driven decisions in your market to gain new web traffic resulting while working with your sales funnel in converting this traffic to new customers.

Our website offers lots of tips and tricks feel free to browse it and learn. If you feel you would like to engage us in quoting for your business please contact us.

Dublin customers can contact our partner Seo Agency Brave Media who are also top of their game.  For the Leaflet Distribution part of our business please visit City Marketing.